I am Ajay Rau, born (05/01/1988) and brought up in Chennai.I have been sailing since as long as I can remember. One of my earliest memories is of playing on these old woodden sail boats (waterwags) at the Royal Madras Yacht Club .At the age of ten is when my sister and I really started to learn how to sail.I began racing seriously when I was 17.I set my eyes on the Laser ,a single person Olympic class dhinghy.I set myself the goal of becoming a top class laser sailor. A goal that I strive to achieve everyday.

I am on an International sailing campaign.I have many ambitions and dreams .One of my dearest ambitions is to Compete in the 2012 Olympic games.

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Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
I am on a quest to become India's best and the first laser sailor to compete in the Olympic Games .Other events I am hoping to make a mark in future include club ,national,International,European,world cups,world and group games(Asian games,Olympics etc). turned into Sailing and Olympic campaigner after school,april 2006. Made my International Debut in Keil week (ISAF - GrADE 1)Germany June 2006. Despite my late start as a profisional Olympic class sailor,I am making rapid progress for the Year 2006 an average of 100+ races.for the Year 2007 and 2008 an average of 200+ races each year from 2006-2008 I have raced a total of 54 regattas (During the racing season, I have sailed an approx average of 540 races and days.I am very commited,focused and when not racing always training to reach my goal every day. Email: rauajay@gmail.com

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Interview with First Indian To Race Rolex Sydney to Hobart


News report before 2010 national squad trials


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ajay Rau to make a come back in the Olympic class.

For 2010 he has been selected to represent India in 2 world championships.

Sydney : For the last two years India’s Ajay rau has been campaigning for the 2010 Asian Games in the radial class. Unable to participate both in the selection trials and Asian games, he has decided to move on and focus on qualifying India for the 2012 Olympic games.

He is focused to make a come back in the Laser Olympic class. He leaves for Hamburg mid June and will be taking part in Kieler Woche , 6th leg of the ISAF World cup. The world cup event is from the 19th-27th June at Kiel . During the world cup 5000 yacht men and women from 50 countries will be racing at the event. The ” who’s who” of international sailing will be lining up . At the moment 120 world class sailors have confirmed participation in the laser class. Ajay made his international debut at this historic event back in 2006. This will his 4th appearance in the 128 year old event.

“It is going to be a very hard world cup event as It will be the first time I am back in the Olympic class after two years. I am taking this event as a training regatta. My good results in the international radial class and maiden Rolex Sydney Hobart have definitely made me a more positive sailor. I will just have to be patient and do lots of racing hours and fitness before expecting results, but I am confident by 2011, I will be ready for the 2012 Olympic Qualifiers“ says the Indian sailor.

The 22 year old is also selected for the 2010 Senior Radial World Championship ( Scotland ) and Senior Laser Word Championship (England).

Ajay is hoping to improve India’s all time best 15th position he secured in last years radial world championship in Japan . Rajesh (2010 Indian Asian Games representative) will also be joining the young Indian sailor in Scotland. The second world championship is the Olympic class. Ajay will be the only Indian sailor taking part.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Running the 2010 Sun-Herald City2Surf

I'm running in The Sun-Herald City2Surf and I'm trying to raise as much money as I can for this great cause. Please click on this link to visit my fundraising page to find out all about it. Please dig deep to sponsor me. It only takes a few seconds. Spread the word or join me in the run and send to as many people as possible. Thank you very much. You can visit my fundraising page at http://www.everydayhero.com.au/ajay_rau

United We Sail - by Smitha Ramamurthy

For Indian student Ajay Rau, the sport of sailing has bridged the gaps of racial barriers and launched a platform for cultural harmony. As a journalism student and professional sailor studying at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Ajay has immersed himself in the Australian way of life and his multicultural surroundings being elected as the Secretary of the UNSW Windsurfing and Sailing Club. For him, the language of sport transcends ethnic and lingual differences because it is a stage that allows everyone to participate, regardless of race. “When you’re on the water, you’re not looked at as just an Australian or Indian. You are purely judged on your skills as a sailor,” Ajay says. “I don’t consider myself as Ajay the Indian. I am Ajay. I have an identity.” Having organised a number of sailing events for the club, he has made lasting relationships with students from various parts of the globe. “I’m friends with an Italian guy who doesn’t even speak proper English but he understands me and I understand him,” he says. “And that’s what Australia is. It’s a beautiful place because it has adopted so many cultures and in that way it’s very similar to India because there is so much diversity.” Ajay was appalled by the recent attacks on fellow Indian students in Melbourne and Sydney. Yet he strongly believes that the attackers represent a small minority of Australians, and not the larger Australian community. He says that in every society, there are minority groups whotake advantage of vulnerable people who are away from their homes and are therefore easy targets. Ajay adds that similarly in India, it is more common for a foreigner rather than a local to be robbed or assaulted by a minority group of people, who do not share the morals and attitudes of most Indians. Ajay says that his enthusiasm to get involved with sporting activities and social events outside of the Indian community has allowed him to effectively integrate within the wider Australian community. “I feel that back in India people should make more of an effort to educate students to learn to adapt to different countries before coming to Australia, and not be closed within your society,” Ajay says. “All of us are very proud Indians but that doesn’t mean that we have to stay only with each other.” “I believe that it doesn’t matter if you’re Indian, Chinese or Australian, everyone has their comforts and I think you should take these rare opportunities to get out of your comfort zones because you don’t know whether you will ever have these opportunities again,” he says. The UNSW Windsurfing and Sailing Club’s recent collaboration with the UNSW German Society resulted in a multicultural sailing day out during the ANZAC Day long weekend. Members of both clubs were invited to wear their national colours and take pride in displaying the diversity of cultures coexisting in Australia. “If you look at history, the Australians and New Zealanders went to Turkey to fight the Germans and today who would’ve known that people from different countries such as Germany and Australia would actually be enjoying a barbeque on the beach,” he notes. Ajay accepts that negative issues such as racism and cultural differences will happen from time to time in every society, but it is important to move forward towards reconciliation rather than contemplate about the past. “And that day had Australians, Germans, Greeks, Swedes and Americans. It’s saying a lot about where Australia is today and where humanity is going,” he says. “We’re all proud of where we’re from but it is high time that we leave our differences aside and just enjoy each other’s company.” He has recently participated in the Sydney to Hobart Yachting Race, making him the first Indian to do so in the history of the event. According to him, it is one of the most “Aussie” things a person can do.

Ajay Rau wins at the Audi Winter series Regatta

Ajay Rau win’s at the Audi Winter series Regatta, Sydney, Australia

He gives Asian Games a miss, but to continue campaigning for Olympics 2012

Sydney harbour witnessed a fleet of 134 boats with a number of incidents as a strong breeze blew. Ajay along with a seven-member crew were division D winners of the 7th race of the Audi winter series. It was the windiest race of the series so far with gusts reaching up to 30 knots (55 kmph ). Steve Hatch, the skipper, made sure the team had a good solid start at the pin end of the line. In the 2-hour race, the team enjoyed these conditions as the boat is built for this kind of racing.

Ajay’s job on the boat was trimming the jib and the spinnaker. It was an intense race as there was always adjustments to be made and specially during the down wind legs, he had to be careful flying the spinnaker as there was a risk of the big sail tearing due to the heavy winds. “After a cold and windy race it was great to hear the sound signal when you cross the finish line “ a tired but elated Ajay said.

Later on Sunday, CYCA Director David Champtaloup announced the winners at a presentation at the CYCA (Cruising Yacht club of Australia)

2009 and 2010 has been a good year for sailing for the 22 year old but there have been compromises made beyond his control to ensure that he continues his international sailing campaign. Earlier this year he had impressive results in Chennai, Qatar and China leading up to the Asian Games selections but later to his disappointment found out that he had to give the selections a miss due to an unfavorable schedule due to his university education. “ My final exams are clashing with the Asian Games and finishing my education is as important as my sporting career, “ said the talented Indian sailor. He is expected to continue his 2012 Olympic campaign and has lots of challenges ahead. He is confident with the support of his family, sponsors and well-wishers that despite not being able to continue his Asian games campaign, he will be able to qualify India for the Olympic games.

2010 Australian University Sailing Report UNSW

The 2010 'Zhik' Australian University Fleet Racing Regatta was held on April 8-10, hosted by Great Lakes Sailing Club (GLSC) at Forster, NSW. This unique event included a representation from international students from India, Hong Kong, Singapore, France and Italy. Tasars, Lasers and NS 14s were the best represented classes and competitors were split into two fleets based on their Handicap system. At the end of the series, University of New South Wales comfortably won the overall point score to take home the major overall team trophy. The overall championship trophy was awarded based on a combination of results and participation. Other universities will be hoping to challenge UNSW for the trophy next year. 'In hardly a couple of months our club has managed to win the inaugural team trophy, this speaks well about the team of sailors we have at UNSW' says UNSW team captain Ajay Rau. Colin Cheng from UNSW won the monohull division, while Brett Goodall from Team Monash won the cats and skiffs division. Elizabeth Yin from Sydney Uni won the female division ahead of Tara McCall and Alice Walker from UNSW. The next event on the university sailing calendar is the world match racing championships in Greece, UNSW's very own Tara McCall is part of team representing Australia. This will be followed by the major university sailing event for 2010 – the Australian University Games (AUG) at Perth in September 2010. The sailing program at AUG will include match racing on Foundation 36 yachts and teams racing on Pacers. Teams of six to eight students can represent their university in Australia's largest annual multi-sport event, which attracts between 6000 and 8000 university students annually from 42 universities. In the Match racing division 2009 Rolex Sydney Hobart sailors Andrea Green and Ajay Rau are expected to be part of UNSW team at the AUG's in Perth. Contact unswsailingclb(at)gmail.com if you are interested in supporting UNSW at AUG's. We are looking for Sponsorship to ensure that we bring home the trophy to UNSW.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Ajay Rau finished 13th at his first Asian Sailing Championship

The 14th Asian Sailing Championship (China) saw 320 sailors from 14 countries take part in various classes.Only the top two ranked sailors from these countries were invited to participate at these championship's .
It has been a long season for Ajay but he still managed to put up some encouraging performances . He was 8th overall at the midway stage but managed to slip to 13th position by the end of the regatta .Finally the young sailor has some time to relax and refresh his batteries . He will then resume his training for the 2010 World championships. This week , he will be enjoying himself taking part in the 2010 Australian University Regatta .He will be racing a Nacra16 Square ( Single handed Cat).
Here is a report below according to an online edition of India's National Newspaper - The Hindu
Saturday, Mar 27, 2010
Sport - Sailing Ajay does well CHENNAI: India's Ajay Rau, currently taking part in the laser radial open class category at the Asian Sailing Championships in Shanwei, China, did the country proud by finishing first and fourth in the two races held on Friday. Six more races remain this series. The regatta finishes on March 29. It had been a slow start in the championship with 2 to 3 knot winds and very heavy fog. After the first day, races were cancelled for two days. The winds picked up and this favoured India's youngest sailor Ajay, who is steadfastly working to qualify for the 2012 Olympics. The Indian is supported by SAI, SDAT, AMM Foundation and Mittals Champions Trust.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ajay Rau Selected for 2010 Asian,European & World Championship's

India’s Ajay Rau finished 10th at Sail the Gulf Regatta 2010

Wind Conditions in the capital city of Qatar ,Doha during the regatta were next to nothing ranging between 2 to 3 knots. . It was difficult racing conditions as there was hardly much wind. Ajay still managed a top ten overall finish out of the 36 sailors, despite it being a very challenging regatta for the sailor. It was unfortunate that the popular sandstorm conditions did not come through the race area.

With coming 2nd in the national squad trials , Ajay got selected for the 2010 Asian Sailing Championships and 2010 World & European Laser Radial Men Championships.

The Asian Sailing Championship will showcase only the best sailors from Asia and it is the last test event before the important Asian Games.. Ajay has to work hard to impress selectors if he wants to represent India at the Asian Games, he faces though competition from fellow countryman, Rajesh Choudhry (Asian Games Silver/Bronze medalist ) . The Asian Games follow the Olympic format where only one entry is allowed per country.

Ajay is excited about the prospect of improving his 15th position he secured last year at the 2009 world championships held in Japan. The Worlds will be held at United Kingdom, Largs

Monday, February 15, 2010

Team India set to Leave for Sail the Gulf 2010

Team India all set to leave for Sail the Gulf 2010

18th Qatar International Regatta (Sail the Gulf) 2010 will be held from 16 – 20 February 2010 (ISAF Grade 3). More than 200 Sailors & Officials from 28 countries i.e. Algeria, Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, CANADA, Egypt, Germany, Hungary, India, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Oman, Pakistan, Russia, South Africa, Sudan, Syria, Tunis, UAE, UK and host Qatar have confirmed their entries for the event of the middle east. Team India is all set to leave to Doha tomorrow afternoon.

India has confirmed a team of 20 Sailors and Officials. Royal Madras yacht club sailors Ajay Rau, Zephra Currimbhoy and Vir Menon have confirmed their participation in the event.

In the radial/Optimist class’s Rajesh Choudhary and Upamanyu dutta from Mumbai will be leading the charge for Team India.

Chennai’s Ajay Rau is Rajesh Choudhary’s closest challenge for the lone Asian Games spot. Rajesh has a wealth of experience in the class having won a silver and bronze medal at the last two editions of the Asian Games, Ajay is yet to compete in an Asian games. Sail the Gulf is one of the many preparatory events for Team India leading to the 2010 Asian Games.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

National Squad Announced

Sailing squads

CHENNAI: The selection trials for the National Sailing Squad for the year 2010 came to an end on January 24 in Mumbai and Chennai.The top 2 in the Radial class ( Rajesh/Ajay) have been selected to represent India at the upcoming Asian Sailing Championships to be held at China.This the last test event before the 2010 Asian Games which will be held at the same venue.

The squads (National):

Laser radial: Rajesh Choudhary, Ajay Rau, Jasvir Singh, Dharmender Singh, Rohini Rau, Gaurav Randhawa, Gajender Singh, B.K. Raut, Naveen Kumar, Ramesh Kumar.

Allan confident of Ajay, Rohini

CHENNAI: Sailor Allan Julie firmly believes in the adage ‘talk less, work more’.

The 32-year-old from Seychelles, who has taken part in four successive Olympics and 13 World championships, prefers to let his work do the talking.

Allan has taken Ajay Rau and Rohini Rau under his wings as the two are training hard for the selection trials of the Asian sailing championship (in Shanwei, China, from March 20 to 29) scheduled to be held from January 20 to 24 at the Chennai Harbour.

“Only two sailors can qualify from India. All the top teams from Army Yachting Node, Bhopal Sailing School and others are taking part in the trials held in two categories — laser radial and optimist class. It’ll be very tough but we are confident,” says Ajay and Rohini, the brother-sister duo.

A trail-blazer in his country, Allan is the only sportsperson from Seychelles to have achieved so much in any discipline. He received the best sportsman award from the Seychelles Government consecutively from 2000-2004.

Having trained and sailed with the best in the business, Allan is the best bet for the two, feels Ajay. “He is a thorough professional,” says Ajay.

Smiles Rohini: “I have never raced against my brother. So, it will be interesting to see how I fare (in laser radial).”

A freelance coach, as he likes to describe himself, Allan is one of the coaches at the famous Sail Coach, a facility in France where professional sailors from different parts of the world hone their skills.

Allan, who retired from active sailing after the Beijing Olympics, is not averse to coaching Indian sailors.

“If I get a good deal then I will consider,” says Allan, who at one point was ranked in the top 20 in the world.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Merit finishes 19th line honours out of 100

Merit secures 19th line honours out of 100 boats at the 2009 Rolex Sydney Hobart. In Division 1 , merit placed 5th .

Leo Rodriguez and crew held it together and were very close in creating a major upset in the overall line honours, when Merit was in 10 th place for a brief period of time during the race. 19th overall is an impressive result for the team. Last year the team won her Division after being granted redress for rescuing sinking Georgia. This year the teams were committed in finishing the race without interruption, but it was clear that if the team were to stumble across another distress signal during the race, merit wouldn’t think twice in leaving the race and going for a rescue again. The Rolex Sydney Hobart is considered the most grueling long ocean race in the world. The first Indian sailor to crew a Sydney Hobart and was part of the 18 member strong crew sailing on merit. ”Team work was the key and all of us made sure we did our jobs to the best of our abilities to make sure that we pushed the boat to the limit, I am fortunate that Leo Rodriguez gave me an opportunity to crew for merit. I am honored to have raced along side and against some of the best sailors in the world. It has been the best racing experience. I would definitely like to continue taking part in this special event”. The Indian Laser sailor added that “ India has not recognized this milestone as it knows little about the Rolex Sydney to Hobart and there isn’t much of a sailing culture in India, The Australian and global media have recognized this landmark and in the future will continue to recognize small milestones like these in the hope that India will eventually adopt the sport like its own. There is lot’s of promise for Sailing in India if the Indian sports industry adopts a marketing strategy similar to Indian cricket. One hopes that sailing will figure in India’s current sports boom. In a couple of years we might see an Indian entry at the Rolex Sydney Hobart.

Ajay Rau Track Record 2001-2015

ISAF Sailor Classification: 1
Ajay Rau Track Record

Year Class Event Location Country Position
2001 Laser Asia Pacific Championship & Nationals Hyderabad IND 19
2002 Laser Radial Open 32nd National Games Vizag IND 5
2003 420 Boys Junior Nationals Mumbai IND 3
2003 Laser Radial Junior Nationals Mumbai IND 2
2004 Laser YAI Junior Nationals Mumbai IND 2
2005 Laser Coastal Nationals (Youth) Chennai IND 2
2005 Laser Nationals (Youth) Hyderabad IND 2
2005 Laser YAI Junior Nationals Mumbai IND 2
2006 Laser Asian Games Selection Trials (overall) Mumbai
2006 Laser Asian Games Trials 1(senior) Mumbai IND 7
2006 Laser Asian Games Trials 2 (senior) Mumbai IND 8
2006 Laser Australian Nationals grade 1 Hobart AUS 69
2006 Laser Coastal Nationals (Youth) Chennai IND 1
2006 Laser Europens (Youth) silver fleet Gydnia POL 53
2006 Laser Go for gold grade 3 Melbourne AUS 10
2006 Laser Keil Week (Open) grade 1 Keil GER 171
2006 Laser Sail Brisbane grade 2 Brisbane AUS 19
2006 Laser Sydney International grade 1 Sydney AUS 50
2006 Laser Volvo ISAF Youth Worlds grade 2 Weymouth
GBR 38
2007 Laser Auckland Championships Auckland NZL 24
2007 Laser Eurolympic de Garda grade 2 garda ITA 88
2007 Laser Europa cup grade 2 Hoorn NED 59
2007 Laser Europa cup grade 2 Andora ITA 65
2007 Laser Europa cup grade 2 Heyeres FRA 117
2007 Laser Europa Cup grade 3 Warnemunde GER 53
2007 Laser Europa Cup U21 (Youth) Hoorn NED 17
2007 Laser Heyeres grade 1 Emerald fleet Heyeres FRA 177
2007 Laser Holland Regatta grade 1 Medemblik NED 105
2007 Laser Keil Woche grade 1 Keil GER 97
2007 Laser Keil Woche Radial Men Keil GER 13
2007 Laser National Championships Hydrabad IND 6
2007 Laser New Zealand Nationals grade 2 Keri Keri NZL 32
2007 Laser Sail Auckland grade 1 Auckland NZL 40
2007 Laser Sail Melbourne grade 1 Melbourne AUS 34
2007 Laser Selection Trials Worlda Mumbai IND 12
2007 Laser India U 21 Nationals Hyderabad IND 1
2007 Laser Youth European Championships Heyeres FRA 99
2007 Laser Qualifieres Pation UK 35
2007 Laser Skandia Sail For Gold Grade 2 Weymouth UK 47
2007 Laser Christmas race ISAF grade 3 Palimos ESP 37
2008 Laser Australian Championships grade1 Blairgowrie
silver fleet AUS 23
2008 Laser Sail Melbourne grade 1 Brighton Melbourne
bronze fleet AUS 12
2008 Laser World Championship grade 1, W Terrigal Bronze
fleet AUS 40
2008 Laser Barcelona Olympic week Pharo regatta
grade 2 ,Barcelona ESP 23
2008 Laser Europa cup grade 3 Heyeres FRA 77
2008 Laser Europa cup grade 3 Andora ITA 60
2008 Laser Europa cup grade 3 Andora U 21 ITA 23
2008 Laser Rivia Del Garda ISAF grade 2 Garda ITA 68
2008 Laser Heyere ISAF grade 1 Heyeres FRA 147
2008 Laser Vestas Coastal Nationals Chennai IND 6
2008 Laser Olympic laser selection Trials Mumbai IND 6
2008 Italian Olympic classes National Championships
Venice ITA 42
2008 Europa cup grade 3 Aabenraa DEN 25
2008 Kiel Woche grade 1 ,Kiel Bronze fleet GER 31
2008 Senior European Championship grade 1,Bronze fleet
Newport BEL 41
2008 Youth European Championship grade 1,Silver fleet
Douarnenez FRA 38
2008 Selection trials Asian sailing championship grade national
Chennai IND 4
2008 Sail FOR GOLD grade 3 Melbourne AUS -nil
2008 ISAF World Cup grade 1 Sail Melbourne AUS-13 & 8
2009 Australian Championships grade 1 , Gold fleet Perth AUS -14 &11
2009 Asia Pacific's grade 1 Perth AUS, 4 & 3
2009 NewZealand Championships grade 2 NewPlymouth NZL, 24 & 18
2009 Sail Auckland grade 1 Auckland NZL, 18 &15
2009 Australian University Regatta grade 4 Sydney AUS 3&1
2009 European Championships grade c1 silver fleet Charlottenlund DEN, 32 & 67
2009 World Championships grade w1 Karatsu JPN, 15
2009 Sail Brisbane grade 2 Brisbane AUS, 18
2009 Sail Sydney grade 1 Sydney AUS, 34
2009 Rolex Sydney Hobart grade W Sydney-Hobart AUS, 19&5
2010 YAI National Squad Selection Trials Radial Chennai IND,2
2010 Sail The Gulf grade 3 Doha QAT,10
2010 Laser Selection trials mumbai IND, 6
2010 14th Asian Sailing Championship grade 3 Guangzhou CHN,13
2010 Australian University fleet racing regatta -Sydney AUS, 5
2010 Audi Winter series Race 7 - Sydney AUS, 1
2010 Kieler Week grade 1 Kiel Germany GER, 116
2010 Radial Mens World and European Championship Largs GBR , 77
2010 Laser Standard Mens World Championship Hayling Island GBR , 48 Bronze fleet
2010 University Match Racing Regatta Sydney AUS, 3
2010 Australian University Games ( Team racing ) Perth AUS, 3
2010 Australian University Games ( Match racing) Perth AUS, 4
2010 NSW laser state titles Sydney AUS, 5
2010 Sail Melbourne ISAF World Cup Melbourne grade 1 AUS ,60th
2010 Australian Championships ISAF grade 2 Sydney AUS. 31st
2011 Australian University Fleet Racing Regatta Canberra AUS. 4 & 2
2011 Australian Team Racing Nationals Sydney AUS.-
2011 Australian University Games Team Racing Gold Coast AUS.4
2011 NSW & ACT Laser Coastal Championships Macquarie AUS. 11
2011 ISAF Sailing World Cup Sail Melbourne Melbourne AUS.-
2012 Australian Laser National Championships Brisbane AUS. 33, 2
2012 NSW/ACT State Championships Macquarie AUS 28
2012 International Finn NSW State Championship Sydney AUS 10
2012 Australian University Fleet Racing Championships Sydney AUS 1
2012 NSW Team Racing States Sydney AUS 7
2012 Team Racing MidWinters Melbourne AUS -
2012 F24 University Fleet Racing Championship Sydney AUS 3
2012 Student Yachting World Cup inshore trophy La Rochelle FRA 3
2012 Sydney International Regatta Sydney AUS -
2013 International Finn Australian Championships Sydney AUS 15
2014 Sydney International Regatta Sydney AUS 19
2015 National University Match Racing Cup Hobart AUS 2
2015 Sydney International Regatta Sydney AUS 5

Track Record (non athlete)

2009-2015 UNSW Sailing Club Admin & Event management

2011-2016 Sailing Coach - Learn to Sail/Racing
2010, 2011, 2012, 2014 and 2015) Competitor , Captain and Manager Australian University Games

2011 ISAF Sailing World Sailing Championships News Service team Perth AUS

2011 Laser Representative Woollhara Sailing Club Sydney AUS

2013-2014 SailCoach News Service Team Europe

2014-2015 President, UNSW Sailing and Windsurfing Club

2014-2015 President UNSW Surfing and SUP Club

2016 Australian & Open International Optimist Dinghy Championship Coach (4boys & 1 girl) 4th,6th (1st girl),13th,16th & 33rd (U10 6th)

2015 Racing

2015 Racing
2nd University National Match Racing Championships (Hobart) & 4th Sydney international Regatta

2011-2016 Coaching

2011-2016 Coaching

2015 Walsh Bay Vessel Management

2015 Walsh Bay Vessel Management

2015 President Sailing & Surfing Clubs

2015 President Sailing & Surfing Clubs

2014 University Games Manager & Athlete

2014 University Games Manager & Athlete

Sailing media 2011/ 2013-2014

Sailing media 2011/ 2013-2014
Australia, Italy and France

2012 Student Yachting World Cup

2012 Student Yachting World Cup

2012 Australian University Fleet Racing Champion

2012 Australian University Fleet Racing Champion

2008 European Championship

2008 European Championship
Newport (BEL)

2008 World Championship Terrigal (AUS)

2008 World Championship Terrigal (AUS)
2008 Olympic Qualifier

Youth European Championship 06,07&08(POL,FRA)

Youth European Championship 06,07&08(POL,FRA)
Top U21 Indian 06,07&08

2006 ISAF VOLVO Youth Worlds Weymouth (GBR)

2006 ISAF  VOLVO Youth Worlds Weymouth (GBR)
2012 Olympic venue

Silver medallist Vasilij Zbogar of Slovenia celebrates with Trevor millar

Silver medallist Vasilij Zbogar of Slovenia celebrates with Trevor millar
Allen(SEY) Coach Sunny(LTU) and Vasilij(SLO) Coach Trevor(IRL) Team SailCoach at the 2008 Olympic games- I am a member of SailCoach Team